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Hybrid Cream Wax

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A durable Hybrid Cream Wax consisting of a blend of polymers with a hybrid wax/sealant. The hydrophobic properties offer fantastic beading and sheeting performance and a smooth finish accompanied by a superb glossy finish.

Durability, up to one year on a well-maintained vehicle.

Apply sparingly to one panel at a time. Allow a few minutes to cure and buff to a high shine with a plush microfibre cloth.

Detailer’s TIP:

Our Hybrid Cream Wax is a fantastic standalone product, however pair it up with our Hybrid Quick Detailer for the ultimate in slickness, gloss and protection.

Hybrid Quick Detailer is the ideal maintenance product and will simply enhance the gloss and water behaviour. Both products are easy on and off, even in direct sunlight and thus make an excellent combination for mobile valeters and detailers working in outdoors environment.

  • Easy Application
  • Incredible Water Behaviour
  • Glossy Finish