What’s the difference between Lime Gel APC vs Original Lime?

Good question and one we know you’re desperate for us to answer!

Make no mistake, both products are excellent and have similar cleaning abilities but slightly different characteristics.

Lime Gel APC comes ready to use and requires no dilution, meaning you can use it straight from the bottle however you intend on using it, this alone makes it much simpler and can potentially prevent damage to the intended surface area, incorrectly diluted products can have a negative impact.

RTU products are without a doubt more suited to small businesses or car enthusiasts who do not intend on bulk use or have limited space. No additional equipment required to dose or dilute.

Lime Gel APC  also has increased ‘spray and stick’ viscosity which in layman’s terms means that it stays where it is needed, thus resulting in a better contact time, like a snow foam, without the foam and can help prevent product wastage.

Lime Gel APC is a multi purpose product that is versatile and can be used for various applications such as Pre Wash, Tyre & Rubber Cleaner, Degreaser, Bug & Insect Remover, Wheel Cleaner, Door Shuts, Boot Apertures etc.

    February 04, 2022 — Christopher Bell

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