Lime Gel APC


Product Description

Lime Gel APC, a new concept from HD Car Care.

This new exceptional sticky formula comes ready to use and requires no dilution, this “Hi-cling” formulation will give excellent cleaning performance to remove the most stubborn road grime. This versatile product can be used as a Pre Wash, Tyre & Rubber Cleaner, Bug & Insect Remover, Wheel Cleaner and more. A great all-rounder.

With your favourite lemon & lime scent that we’ve all come to know and love amongst the detailing world.

Lime Gel APC comes ready to use and requires no dilution. Please do not dilute otherwise you risk sufficiently diminishing its performance.

  • Excellent cleaning performance
  • Sticky gel formula that sticks can dwell for extended periods
  • High foaming formula
  • Perfect for bug and fly splatter removal
  • Ideal for gritty areas such as engine bay, door shuts and wheel arches
  • Supplied with trigger for easy application (500ml and 1 litre only)

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