Microfibre & Pad Detergent


Product Description

Our liquid detergent has been designed to specifically clean microfibre fabric, the detergent will help remove wax residue, dirt, oil and more. It contains no bleaches or softeners, both of which ruin the unique properties of microfibres.

Help restore and rejuvenate with a fresh fragrance.

  • Rejuvenates Microfibres
  • Suitable for Polishing Pads
  • Machine or Hand Use
  • Very Economical
  • Removes dirt, oils, polish & wax residues
  • Does not contain bleach, ammonia or fabric softeners
  • Pre-soak heavily soiled cloths in a bucket overnight, then proceed to wash as normal

How to Use:

Can be used by hand or machine. Just add 30-60ml per wash depending on the level of soiling. Set your machine to a hot wash cycle, we recommend 40-60C, allow to dry using low heat tumble dry or dry naturally.

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