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Product Description

Lime Prewash is a powerful yet gentle pre-wash/all-purpose cleaner that provides superior performance when it matters. It can be used as a prewash, degreaser, a bug remover and a general all-purpose cleaner for wheels, arches, door edges and boot apertures.

It also contains a bactericidal agent that targets mold and algae that is common on soft-top convertibles, bactericidal spores are killed resulting in the vehicle being much more resistant to mould growth, even when left uncleaned for an extended period.

Now recognized as one of the best Pre-wash cleaners on the market today!

  • Anti-Marr additives
  • Prewash through a hand sprayer
  • Can be used with a foam lance
  • Perfect for bug and fly splatter removal
  • Anti-bactericidal agents to help prevent mould and algae regrowth
  • Exceptionally good for cleaning soft-top convertibles

Dilute up to 100:1 for routine cleaning. 10:1 for heavy deposits and degreasing. It can be used stronger for extremely stubborn soiling. It can be applied as a prewash through a pump sprayer or foam lance. Allow to dwell and rinse thoroughly.

Trusted Car Care Products, rating 9/10.
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