HDCC Pro - Fallout Remover


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Product Description

HDCC PRO-RANGE Fallout is the trade version of our premium Fallout Remover Gel with less active ingredient for a more cost effective solution.

It has superb clinging abilities being a gel-constancy, which again allows for a typically longer dwell time. With colour changing capabilities indicating iron particles.

Ideally suited for maintenance decontamination and intended for more regular use on vehicles with low levels of contamination.

Apply neat. For optimal efficiency, soiling and debris should be removed prior to use. Apply with a spray and allow to dwell. For heavy contamination, agitate as necessary. Rinse the area thoroughly with a pressure washer. Do not allow to dry on any surface. Caution should be taken around repaired paint work, smart repairs and sensitive finishes. Spot testing is recommended to ensure compatibility with such areas.

PLEASE NOTE: Trade discount codes are not available on this item and if used will result in the order being refunded.

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