pH Neutral Snow Foam

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A premium super-concentrated pH Snow Foam with a hint of Tutti Frutti fragrance which provides a thick, clinging foam to aid the removal of surface soiling before making any contact washing, therefore, minimising the risk of swirls.

  • pH Neutral
  • Highly Concentrated
  • Superb Cleaning Power
  • Reduces need for contact washing, therefore minimising the risk of swirls
  • LSP Safe
  • A Pleasant Tutti Frutti fragrance

Did you know? Our pH Neutral Snow Foams are only mildly alkaline (As most are!) and have little or no impact on wax or sealant and thus they are not necessarily the best product for removing heavily soiled contamination from paint surfaces, if more cleaning strength is necessary then you should consider Alkaline Snow Foam or even Lime Pre-wash, both can be used through a foam lance and even more effective via pump sprayer at the recommended dilution ratio. pH Neutral Snow foams are ideally suited to cars that are regularly maintained and have some kind of protection applied (i.e wax, sealant or ceramic coating). If you are unsure of the best product, please contact us for advice.

Apply via foam lance at a final dilution of up to 250:1. May also be used as a prewash.