Non-Acidic Wheel Cleaner


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Product Description

One of our flagship products which remains one of our best sellers today, it is an alkaline wheel cleaner with ‘hi-cling’ consistency and high foam, this low hazard formulation makes it safe to use on most wheel types and will easily remove tough stains whilst leaving a streak free finish.

For the ultimate experience, team up with the EZ Detail Brush and a suitable soft bristle detailing brush and agitate, ensure wheels are thoroughly rinsed. A spot test is always recommended to ensure compatibility. Care should be taken in warm conditions or direct sunlight.

  • High Foaming (When agitated)
  • Non-Acidic
  • Dilutable
Dilute according to the level of soiling. For heavily soiled wheels, may be used up to 1:1, light soiling dilute at approx 10-20:1. Apply to the wheel surfaces using a spray, allow to dwell and agitate for best results. Rinse clean.

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