HD Car Care - Shine & Protect Kit

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If you want to achieve FAST but EPIC results, look no further. Reduce the appearance of swirl marks, enhance gloss and add protection with Hybrid+Glaze!

Easy to use High Gloss ALL-IN-ONE Glaze formulated to reduce the appearance of swirl marks, enhance gloss and add protection against harmful elements.

This formulation will clean, polish and restore the colour of your paintwork and protect to leave an outstanding finish.

Unlike traditional paint glazes on the market, ours won’t leave any chalky residue or stain on plastic trims.

Easy to use and very effective Detailing Spray that adds gloss, clarity and protection to all paint surfaces. Hybrid QD has been designed to be used on your paint surface to enhance the gloss and leave a slick hydrophobic finish with one simple wipe. It adds gloss and a stunning shine to all surfaces. It can be used with any form of polish, glaze, sealant or wax leaving a durable coating on the car protecting it from the harshest of elements.

Hybrid QD will not degrade wax or sealant and will only add to it, in-fact the hydrophobic polymers provide a boost to your LSP thus increasing the gloss, clarity and water behaviour.

Buffing Towel (1000gsm) - This is an extremely high-quality plush buffing towel (40x40) that is safe to use on all paint surfaces.

Ideal for final buffing - this towel also has high dust retention and water absorbency due to the thick pile so can be used as a mini drying towel which is perfect for that door shuts, inner wings and wheels.
The 5” premium microfibre applicators are ideal for applying sealants, glazes, polishes and waxes by hand. Ultra soft to avoid any surface marring. Can be machine washed at low temperature.
Kit includes:
  • 500ml Hybrid Detailing Spray
  • 500ml High Gloss ALL-IN-ONE Paint Glaze
  • 5" Applicator
  • Premium Plush Buffing Towel 1000gsm (40x40)