Keeping your car clean during the winter presents a different set of challenges, so let’s look at a few products from the HD Car Care range that work particularly well during winter and will help keep your vehicle in pristine condition.

  1. Alkaline Snow Foam
    Although being Alkaline based and having more bite than our pH Neutral Snow Foam, if used at the recommended dilution ratio, this Apple scented Alkaline Snow Foam will help cut through dirt and grime without degrading any wax protection or sealants that you have previously applied. Can be applied via snow foam lance or pump sprayer. Once applied to your paintwork, the foam will help to lift dirt and debris while ensuring that you don't induce swirl marks.
  2. Spray & Rinse Sealant
    With less daylight and poor humidity it can be difficult to find the time and ideal working conditions to apply products such as wax and sealants, thankfully we have an alternative product which will instantly add gloss, protection and beading. Our Spray & Rinse Sealant will instantly add UV protection and jaw-dropping water repellent properties with 6-8 weeks durability from a single application, thus making it ideal for use during the winter months. Simply spray on, rinse off.
  3. Glass Cleaner (With added Anti Fog Characteristics)
    Our glass cleaner comes with the added bonus of anti fog characteristics which leaves a film which inhabits fogging and misting which is particularly common during the winter. This temporary film will last between several days and weeks, although this will depend on the level of moisture and whether the screen is wiped, both of which will diminish the effectiveness.
October 21, 2021 — Christopher Bell

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