There is absolutely nothing worse than spending hours or even days polishing your paintwork to then find during the product removal process you have caused ‘Micro Marring’ or implemented scratches during the wiping process, that is why choosing the right microfibre cloth is extremely important, this is sometimes an area that is often overlooked then regretted especially when it comes to inspecting under light.

Thankfully, we have a dedicated range of microfibres ALL of which come edgeless and with no tags to ensure a scratch-free finish even on the most delicate paint.

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How to Care for Your Microfibre Towels!

All our towels are super soft and absorbent, it is important to ensure they are maintained properly for prolonged use.

We recommend the use of HD Car Care Microfibre & Pad Detergent, this has been designed to specifically clean microfibre fabric and will help remove wax residue, dirt, oil and more. It contains no bleaches or softeners, both of which ruin the unique properties of microfibres.

  • Do not use fabric conditioner. This can reduce the breathability and absorbency
  • Avoid extreme heat, we recommend 40-60C
  • Wash dark colours separately for the first few washes as some colour leaching can occur
  • Do not use bleach - it is harmful to the environment too
  • Allow to dry using low heat tumble dry or dry naturally

October 19, 2021 — Christopher Bell

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