Here’s my TOP 5 favourite products!

5. Passion Fruit 2000:1 Ultra Concentrated Shampoo
My favourite shampoo from the range, so economical in use and the added advantage of being pH Neutral means it can be used on cars with any kind of protection applied and is even safe on matt and vinyl wraps. It’s the most expensive shampoo we have but with such an impressive dilution ratio of 2000:1 it’s actually the most economical and is fantastic value for money. The fruity passion fruit fragrance is just a bonus!

4. All Purpose Cleaner (APC)
A must have for any professional detailer or enthusiast, I use it everyday, it’s extremely versatile and one of those products that can be used for different purposes. Being a gel formula it provides superior cling to any surface and outstanding cleaning ability. If you’re on a budget and want to limit the amount of products you carry, then look no further than this; it can be used as an Interior Cleaner/Degreaser, Engine Bay Cleaning, Wheel Arches, Wheels and so much more.

3. Satin Interior Dressing
Personally, I’m not a fan of glossy interior dashboards or sticky silicone residue, our satin interior dressing leaves a brilliant OEM appearance on all surfaces and can even be used to dress tyres, plastic, vinyl and rubber again making this a very versatile product, leaves a factory finish with an outstanding Pina Colada fragrance that just seems to linger.

2. Hybrid Quick Detailer

It’s been four years since we developed Hybrid with the chemist and since then we’ve seen many new products come and go including most recently the hype surrounding Graphene, however none appear to offer anything superior to Hybrid and usually they’re considerably more expensive too, Hybrid is probably one of the most easiest smear-free quick detailers you’ll ever come across with outstanding gloss and hydrophobic properties, quite frankly you’d need to be a donut to experience issues with this. Again, it has the most amazing scent of Blueberry Muffins..

1. Lime Pre Wash
Well it had to be Lime Pre Wash, but you probably already knew that right? Now recognised as one of the best pre-wash cleaners on the market today, often copied but never equalled. This is a premium Citrus Pre Wash. Unlike hundreds of others ours contain ​​ a bactericidal agent that targets mold and algae that is common on soft-top convertibles, bactericidal spores are killed resulting in the vehicle being much more resistant to mould growth, even when left uncleaned for an extended period. Truly amazing.
November 04, 2021 — Christopher Bell

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