Our new Candy Apple Alkaline Snow Foam is an excellent choice for during the winter months and is essential to help aid the removal of heavy soiling. It’s an easy to use pre-wash that you can dilute into a pump sprayer at your desired dilution ratio or through a foam lance giving you complete control over the concentration and allowing you to modify it for the job at hand. Our Alkaline Snow Foam is a mild alkaline product, providing you with a powerful cleaning power contained within a safe solution and used at the recommended dilution ratio remains LSP safe, and regular use will not cause appreciable LSP degradation.

The pre wash stage is an incredibly significant stage of detailing that can be easily overlooked, pre-washing your vehicle relieves it of excess dirt and grime that would otherwise inflict damage on the paint such as swirl marks, scratches and marring. Don't forget yours.

December 11, 2021 — Christopher Bell

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