SiO2 Infused Spray Sealant

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HD Car Care SiO2 Infused Spray Sealant features the durability and gloss of a ceramic coating from a single application, with the added benefit of being much more user-friendly with a simple spray & wipe formulation. This is not to be confused with a spray wax but infused with ceramic silica technology that leaves durable protection on paintwork, glass and alloy wheels.

Easy to use, with long-lasting “self-cleaning” effect, leaves paint, chrome, plastics, wheels, and glass extremely hydrophobic for up to 12 months. It can be used as a standalone product or as an enhancer to previously applied ceramic coating & sealants. It can be layered for added protection and durability.

TIP: Multiple Application Methods -  SiO2 Infused Spray Sealant can liberally be sprayed onto wet surfaces, apply panel at a time and allow a few seconds before thoroughly pressure rinsing off and drying with a plush towel. It can also be applied with a spray and buff style application for extended protection and durability (We always recommend a minimum of 2 coats).

  • Instant gloss and protection
  • Extensive hydrophobicity
  • Protects against UV, bird lime, heat and oxidisation 
  • No cure time needed
  • Protection up to 12 months