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This group buy is for our increasingly popular HD Car Care Lime Prewash 1L and an Orange KWAZAR 1.5L Hand Sprayer.
These items would retail separately for £33.62 plus postage. This offer is for £26.89 delivered (UK Mainland Only) - a combined saving of at least £12.73


Strictly limited stock at this price. Discount codes are not to be used and if used will result in the order being refunded.

Lime Prewash a high level of lime solvent to provide superior performance when it matters. It can be used as a prewash, degreaser, a bug remover and a general all-purpose cleaner for wheels, arches, door edges and boot apertures.

Lime prewash also contains a bactericidal agent to ensure that the vehicle is not just clean visually but that all microscopic bactericidal spores are killed resulting in the vehicle being much more resistant to mould growth, even when left uncleaned for an extended period.

Dilute up to 100:1 for routine cleaning. 10:1 for heavy deposits and degreasing. Can be used stronger for extremely stubborn soiling. Can be applied as a prewash through a pump sprayer or foam lance. Allow to dwell and rinse thoroughly.


Our Venus Super 360 sprayers come with a directional andadujustable nozzle tip, a base rim for stability and protection, and visible strip to check fluid level.  The 360 capacity means that you can spray at any angle. Even upside-down (the sprayer, not you) There is also a bulit-in safety valve operational in excess of 3 bar.