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KRANZLE K7/122TS Pressure Washer - WITH TOTAL STOP

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Designed for the hire trade where its heavy duty, low maintenance and exceptionally long life expectancy is a must.

These have gone on to become very popular with mobile users, like valeters' and detailers', due to its small size and robustness.

Unlike most small units, it is self priming and will happily suck water from a tank. They will even lift water from a depth of a metre or so because of the speed at which the stainless steel valves operate is only half the speed of other machines in its class or price range.

The K 7/122 TS is around the same price as many cheaply assembled machines with plastic or aluminium valve housings that corrode. Water corrodes aluminium. Where these 'cheaper' machines have motors designed to last as long as the pump; which frightenly is only 40 - 50 hours... that should just get you through the warranty period before your back at the store buying a new one... again! Kranzle also manufacture their own motors, so these also are designed for long lasting use.

We also manufacture our own motors, so these also are designed for long lasting use. These low revving 4 pole continuous rated induction motors only draw 7.5 amps making them much better for use with extension cables or generators.

The new '122 series represents continued development to make things better from the launch of the Portable series takes this compact and affordable design up to a more robust and incredibly powerful pressure washer by comparison to anything of its class.

Incredibly durable design this model is brilliant for semi-industrial and commercial use.

Our new integrated soft start mechanism eases the initial load on the motor, making it an easier start. Easy-start means that you no longer need to squeeze the trigger gun at start-up.

'122's are fitted with a newly re-designed, smaller version of our larger industrial seals and housings have a far superior water leakage-return system. Any chance of water getting back into the oil chamber should be impossible! All connections are brass screw fittings sealed by an O ring, so no tools are needed to change accessories or pack away the machine that takes up little space in the garage or in your van. It comes with 10M of steel braided, rubber coated high pressure hose, a gun and lance. 5M of power cable, complete with UK plug.

An excellent value for money machine, well designed easy to maintain and very durable.

The K7/122 Auto Shut Off / Total Stop TS is ideal for operators who have the machine fixed in a static position for use most of the day. The Auto Shut Off / Total Stop Function will save energy consumption and prolong pump life over extended use when used all day. 

The Auto Shut Off / Total Stop TS Version is not ideally suited for use with a generator as the repeated on/off function will cause surges in supply - potentially causing issues with the generator.

All Kranzle machines are manufactured with special forged brass housings with a 10 year anti-corrosion guarantee on the pump head, they will not just ‘wear out’ like many domestic pressure washers. Connections are all brass screw fittings sealed by an O-ring making maintenance extremely simple.

  • Operating pressure 120 bar/1800 psi fully adjustable
  • 20 degree spray angle (nozzle size 03)
  • Water flow 7 Ltrs/Min. @ 1400 rpm
  • Max inlet water temp 60oc
  • Max suction height 2 m
  • High pressure hose 10 m steel braided, rubber coated
  • Chemical/detergent system - Optional
  • Supply 230-240v 7.5 amps 1ph 50 Hz
  • Connection load 1.6 kw
  • Motor output 1 kw 
  • Weight 18.5 kg