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Kranzle K2160TST Pressure Washer

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2000 psi maximum performance heavy duty machine with a brass pump head, ceramic coated pistons and stainless steel valves. Suitable for heavy demanding commercial / industrial usage. (5 to 8 Hrs a day, continuous).

Continuous operation

The new K 2000 series represent the continued development of the well-proven Kranzle shuttle series. These machines are industry leaders due to their ruggedness, forward looking design and top quality engineering. Large over-dimensioned gears and oil housings are used which are designed for continuous operation, helping to considerably extend the working life of these cleaners. These pumps are made with brass valve casings and ceramic coated stainless steel pistons. Suitable for domestic, commercial or industrial use 6 to 8 hours use a day.

Neat arrangement
The main benefits of the Kranzle design are the integral hose drum, storage receptacles for trigger gun, Dirtkiller lance and lance with winding lugs for the power cable. Everything is stored with the machine and is easily accessible for problem free cleaning. Compared to previous models, the hose drum is considerably larger, making it easier to wind up the hose.

The one piece trolley is manufactured by rotational molding out of very strong PE plastic and is therefore extremely stable and sturdy. Large wheels make it easy to move even on difficult terrain and increases the stability during operation. Small obstacles or staircases are no longer a problem. These machines can even be transported in the boot of a car.

For these models, the letters TS indicate a Total-Stop system: When the trigger gun is released the motor stops automatically, then when the trigger gun is squeezed again, the machine restarts. The motor and pump only run when they are actually needed saving electricity.

The NEW K2160TS
Fully automatic - motor switches on/off with operation of the trigger gun
Operating pressure 135 bar/2000 psi fully adjustable (max 160 bar)
4000 epsi equivalent pressure with the optional DirtKiller
NMax inlet water temp 60oc

Nozzle 25045
Water flow 11 Ltrs/Min. @ 1400 rpm
Max suction height 2.5 m
High Pressure Hose 10 m steel braided, rubber coated
Chemical/detergent system Yes
5 m power lead with plug
Supply 240v 13 amps 1ph 50 Hz
Connection load 3.2 kw
Motor output 2.3 kw
Weight 37 kg
Dimensions 375 x 360 x 900 mm