KRANZLE K10/122TS Pressure washer - WITH TOTAL STOP

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The K10/120 is a small compact pressure washer built to the same high standard of the rest of the Kranzle range

KRANZLE K10/120TS TOTAL STOP Pressure washer

The Kranzle K10 /120 is NOT just a 'domestic' machine. The K10/120 is a small compact pressure washer built to the same high standard of the rest of the Kranzle range. It has a Brass pump head with twin high pressure water seals, an air gap between the water seals and the oil seals and shatter proof ceramic coated plungers. This pressure washer is the same price as many cheaply made machines with aluminium valve casings but will not corrode or be worn out after 50 working hours. It is a good mid-range machine with plenty of power suitable for all manner of cleaning tasks, both at home, or in the work place.

The unit has 5m of power cable (complete with plug) and 10m of steel braided rubber coated high pressure hose.

All connections are brass screw fittings sealed by an O ring, so tools are not needed to change accessories or pack away the machine that takes up little space in the garage or in the back of your van.

The pressure of the K10/120 can be adjusted and at maximum will give nearly 2000 psi. If you want to use detergents through the machine please purchase the optional chemical injector kit also available for this model is the DirtKiller lance for fantastic results when cleaning stone work and block paving
An excellent value for money machine, well designed easy to maintain and durable.

A well designed high quality machine with a brass pump head ,ceramic coated pistons and stainless steel valves.Suitable for home use and medium commercial/industrial usage,about 3-4 hours a day.

  • Operating pressure 120 bar/1800 psi fully adjustable
  • 20 degree spray angle (nozzle size 045)
  • Water flow 10 Ltrs/Min. @ 2800 rpm
  • Max inlet water temp 60oc
  • Max suction height 1m - but not recommended
  • High pressure hose 10 m steel braided, rubber coated
  • Chemical/detergent system - Optional
  • Supply 230-240v 11 amps 1ph 50 Hz
  • Connection load 2.5 kw
  • Motor output 1.8 kw 
  • Weight 18.5 kg

Dimensions 440 x 200 x 330 mm