Christmas Edition - Car Care Gift Pack

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Some of your favourite HD Car Care products now in these limited edition festive season fragrances to take you back to scenes of a childhood Christmas.

The ideal Christmas gift for any self-confessed car enthusiast.


  • Cinnamon Snow Foam
  • Cranberry Car Shampoo
  • Choc Orange Quick Detailer
  • Mint Choc Glass Cleaner

Cinnamon Snow Foam (500ml)A premium super-concentrated pH Snow Foam with a hint of Cinnamon fragrance which provides a thick, clinging foam to aid the removal of surface soiling before making any contact washing, therefore, minimising the risk of swirls.

Cranberry Car Shampoo (500ml)Our pH neutral shampoo with a pleasant Cranberry aroma is completely free from gloss enhancers and surface modifiers. Ideal for maintenance details and everyday use, being pH neutral means that it’s gentle on existing protection such as waxes, sealants, and ceramic coatings. Suitable for use on all paint types inc Matt finishes and vinyl wraps.

Lubricated feel and dilutes up to 250:1 (in layman terms you will only need a capful per bucket.)

Choc Orange Quick Detailer (500ml) - Instantly adds gloss, clarity, and protection to all paint surfaces. Designed to be used on your paint surface to enhance the gloss and leave a slick finish with one simple wipe. It adds gloss and a stunning shine to all surfaces. It can be used with any form of polish, glaze, sealant or wax leaving a durable coating on the car protecting it from the harshest of elements.

Simply spray onto the surface and wipe, it’s that simple!

Mint Choc Glass Cleaner (500ml) - Developed to effortlessly remove dirt, dust, road grime and tobacco film from all glass surfaces. Formulated to allow for a streak-free finish. Ammonia free solution is safe to use on LCD display screens and tinted glass surfaces.

With added Anti Fog Characteristics which leaves a film that inhibits fogging and misting which is particularly common during the winter. This temporary film will last between several days and week although this will depend on the level of moisture and whether the screen is wiped, both of which will diminish the effectiveness.