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Car Fragrance Diffuser

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Having your car clean and looking fresh is one thing…. to then have it smelling like your favourite designer perfume/aftershave is just taking it to another level!

The unique blend of oils has to be precisely made for the air fresheners to work properly. Be careful of heavily diluted products from other companies. We don’t compete on price, we compete on quality.

How long do the car air fresheners last?

Anywhere from 3-6 weeks. Some customers have reported even longer than this!

It all depends on how frequently you 'use' the product.

It also depends on how strong your particular car scent is. Some scents are naturally stronger than others and may require less tipping over time.


The scent is dispersed through the wooden cap of the bottle, which acts as a mini diffuser. For best results:

  1. Unscrew cap and remove plastic stopper
  2. Screw the cap back on until secured
  3. Hold the bottle completely upside down for 20 seconds. This allows the oil to saturate into the wooden cap
  4. Now turn the bottle upright
  5. You're now ready to hang your Diffuser in any location
  6. When the scent starts to die down, give the bottle a shake and repeat step Only 3-5 seconds is required this time, more if desired
  • The inside of the wooden cap has to be wet with oil for the scent to fill your car
  • Repeat step 6 as frequently as you like to get your desired fragrance strength. A littles goes a long way.