HD Car Care - 500ml Detailing Kit

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The ultimate 500ml detailing kit that’s packed with all your favourite HD Car Care products. Ideal gift for your loved one!

All products come supplied with flip tops and triggers, depending on the product.

Please note: In the event that certain products become unavailable in one of our kits we do reserve the right to make suitable substitutions for an item(s) of at least the same RRP (Normal Retail Value) and quality without notice.

Included in the kit is the following 500ml products:

  • Satin Interior Dressing
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Hybrid Quick Detailer
  • Tar & Glue Remover (GEL-BASED)
  • pH Snow Foam
  • pH Neutral Shampoo
  • Interior & Upholstery Cleaner
  • Fallout Remover
  • Non-Acidic Wheel Cleaner
  • Tyre & Trim Dressing
  • Lime Prewash
  • All-Purpose Cleaner (APC)
  • High Gloss ALL-IN-ONE Paint Glaze
  • Tar & Glue Remover