Detailing World Review and Future Products

Darren of Detailing World recently independently reviewed our HD Car Care Tyre & Trim Dressing. Why not try for yourself and see how good our products are.

We also have reviews pending with Tranquility Base Detailing, a group of detailing enthusiasts who independently review products. Come back soon for the results.

We've had great success with our own range of car care products, and recently we added 5 new products to the range.

We are also now an official reseller of Black Mamba Nitrile Gloves.

A brief summary of current projects.

Gel Fallout Remover

  • Active formulation with characteristic colour change
  • Helps to prevent corrosion on paintwork
  • Gel based for superb clinging ability
  • Low odour

Citrus Cleaner

  • Prototype ongoing
  • Special biocidal additives
  • Anti-bactericidal agents to help prevent mold and algae regrowth
  • Perfect for bug and fly splatter removal (Common in the summer)
  • To be used through hand sprayer or foam lance

Bio Cleaner & Odour Remover

  • Based on biological organisms and enzymes
  • Digesting and eliminating both unpleasant odours and stains
  • To be used on a wide range of soiling from vomit, biological contaminants and urine
  • Hand or extraction machine

Interior Cleaner

  • A versatile solution for upholstery cleaning, stains, fabric and hard surface areas
  • Can be used on carpets, headlining, door cards, seats or any hard surfaces
  • Low-Foam formulation
  • Use with hot or cold water
  • Can be used via carpet extraction machine
  • Pleasant natural fragrance

Please keep an eye on our social media platforms and the website for updates and future product release dates.